Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Runner's Roundup for June 11, 2014

Running coach fired for running Boston Marathon. In other ironic news, professor forced to resign after sewing patches to the elbows of his tweed jacket. Then, goldfish plagued by painful old memories commits suicide. Elephant with Alzheimer's chokes on peanut. I end a joke before it goes on too long. (via Fittish)

Would you ever run a race naked? Naked? No. Covered head to toe in body paint that makes me look like a pear-shaped Mystique from X-men? Sign me up. (via Short, Round, and Fast)

Meet a man who went from a wheelchair to being an elite ultra-runner. AND he works as a chef. Inspiring! (via Micro Miracles Matter)

Wearable sensor can tell you if you're dehydrated. I understand this for patient observation, but do you know what else tells athletes they're dehydrated? Their bodies. In, like, a million different ways. (via +Engadget)

A women and 26 other college students will run 4,000 miles in support of cancer research. (via +Last Word On Sports)

Lessons Track could learn from Baseball. I think we could also learn a lesson from figure skating and add more glitter to our running clothes. Just saying. (via +Phoebe Wright)

John "The Penguin" Bingham announced retirement. Bruce "The Batman" Wayne remains suspicious. (via +Runner's World Magazine)

The People Who Can't Not Run. Authored by the lady who doesn't love to not use double negatives. (via +The Atlantic)

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