Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Runner's Roundup for March 12th, 2014

What if everybody ran? Fascinating. I know one more thing, though: Vaseline sales would go THROUGH THE ROOF. (via +MizunoRunningHK)

8 reasons to drink coffee before your run. #9: to have AWFUL coffee breath. (via +Runner's World Magazine)

Top foods for runners. This is a sport that ENCOURAGES eating lots of peanut butter, y'all. (via @BackonMyFeet)

Courtesy to other runners? Here's a tip: If you have to fart, wait until someone isn't running directly behind you. Unless you're sure you can outrun them when they notice. (via +irunnerblog VimLife)

53 Rules for Running. Brilliant. Check out #8, though; definitely written in a pre-cell phone era.

So using a treadmill is bad for physical reasons too! Who knew? (I DID) (via +Kinetic Revolution)

How to become a morning person! Great advice, especially the stuff about getting movement into your morning? (RUN!) (via +Greatist)

Exercise treats chronic disease. Guys, running is a wonder drug. And it's free! (via +InsideTracker by Segterra)

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