Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Runner's Roundup for April 16, 2014

Mo Farrah's weekly training schedule. I could spread one of his average days out over a MONTH and still be tired. (via +Twitter)

The video I wrote about last week. Bananas. (via +BuzzFeed)

Photos from North Korea's marathon. I heard Kim Jong-un won! Of course, I heard it from Kim Jong-un...(via The Wire)

Woman barely jogging. Hey, we all have different...styles of running, okay? Respect. (via +The Onion)

Reddit's weekly running pictures! Like YOUR running pictures, but with other people! (via +reddit)

The benefits of a minimalist running shoe. Minimalism: good for shoes, bad for pants. Cover up, runners! (via Dr. Nick's Running Blog)

A six-year-old is running her own marathon. The only thing I was doing at six was eating too much pudding. I still am at 25, now that I think about it. (via +BBC News)

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