Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Runner's Roundup for April 2nd, 2014

Hey, look! A game that uses running to control territory in your neighborhood! Now we can mix gang warfare with fitness! FINALLY. (via +PAN Studio)

How could Happy Gilmore POSSIBLY relate to running? Because it's all in the hips! (via +Runner's World Magazine)

Strength training for runners. I prefer the strength training plan that utilized gamma radiation. That's what comic books have been teasing me with for YEARS. (via +Race 13.1)

A calendar for beer-themed running events. Running and beer go together like beer and LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE (except driving and calling exes). (via +LetsPour)

A music video by Michelle Lewis highlighting runners. The other music video highlighting runners? Arcade Fire's "We Used to Wait."

Reddit's running pictures thread this week! Always entertaining. (via +reddit)

So this article says don't run too much, cause that might be bad for you. Okay, soapbox: yes, I want everyone to be healthy, but this article uses the same logic as someone who says, "Why do you run and stay healthy? We're all going to die anyway." Hey, listen: I DON'T RUN JUST TO EXTEND MY LIFESPAN, I RUN BECAUSE I LOVE IT AND IT MAKES EVERY DAY BETTER. If you live your whole life focused on the bottom line, you'll be miserable. Fact. (via +The Kansas City Star)

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