Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Runner's Roundup for April 30, 2014

Someone is building a better running calculator. Here's some running calculation for you: 1 Jumbo Burrito + 1 Long Run = 1 Dehydrated Runner. Fact. (via +Slate)

Runner's World gets ripped a new one for some decidedly un-feminist advice to female runners. It won't be running anywhere for a while. (via My Tights Won't Stay Up)

A heat map of running and bike routes across America. Come on, Wyoming, seriously? Florida is doing better than you. Florida. (via +Strava)

Why running is perfect for geeks. But what about the freaks, +The Guardian? What about the freaks?

Beer mile record broken in the video below. I had never heard of the beer mile before, so I imagined it was drinking a mile of beer, and I wanted to go to there. (via +BuzzFeed)

MORE stuff about hips? How many times can I say it, people? (via +Outside Magazine)

Why I love the marathon. Well, not why I love the marathon, but why Amelia does. I wouldn't say I love the marathon. We're just friends. (via Entirely Amelia)

Tackling the marathon with science. That's weird, I usually like to tackle science with the marathon. But only when I'm not marathon-ing science with my tackle. Gross. (via +Mosaicscience)

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