Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Runner's Roundup for May 14, 2014

Did someone run the first 4 minute mile in the 18th century? All I'm saying is that if it did happen, someone probably said "Agast!" That's the sort of thing they said back then. (via +BBC News)

Caffeine can make you a better athlete. But a worse sleeper. (via +Vox)

Video about a pregnant runner. Awesome. But if we're counting food babies, I'm also sometimes a pregnant runner. (via +hoohbe)

Speaking of moms, someone ran for their mom on Mother's Day in a unique way. Yeah, but let's see what he does on "Second Cousin Once-Removed" Day. (via Zigs Pics)

Some students are running 100 miles in memory of their friend. (via Salem News)

Why do runners sometimes poop their pants? The real question is: why DON'T runners sometimes poop their pants? I ask the tough questions, guys. (via +YouBeauty)

The evolution of the running shoe. I prefer to believe running shoes were created exactly as they are today, and every old shoe was planted by Satan to test my faith. Teach the controversy. (via +Runner's World Magazine)

Don't be this runner. It's okay to stop for ten seconds and not die.

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