Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Runner's Roundup for May 21, 2014

The scientific case against those toe-running-glove-shoe things. Interesting and all, but do you really need science to tell you not to wear foot gloves? (via Regressing)

How to donate blood as a runner. Pshaw. I hardly even use my blood when I run anyway. (via +The Globe and Mail)

A woman is running the Tour de France route. In response, I think Lance Armstrong should bike a marathon. (via Zoe Goes Running)

How does sleeping in running gear motivate you? Don't sleep in your shoes, though! (via The Undeniable Ruth)

Check out the world's largest half marathon? I wonder what the world's longest half marathon is? (via Goteborgs Varvet)

Why strength training is important for runners. You know what else is important for runners? Emotional strength training. Life can be hard, guys. (via +Setanta College)

Hurdle crash GIFS! That kid at the front? Doesn't even care. (via +Daily Relay)

Below: a good example of why you don't celebrate too early. It's like celebrating your birthday a day early! No good can come of it. No. Good.

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