Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Runner's Roundup for May 28, 2014

Below: The Truth About Running. My name is A Runner's Journal, and I have a problem. Whew! That's the hardest part, right? (via +BYUtv)

Should ultra-marathoners be good Samaritans? Jesus would say yes. But then, Jesus wasn't an ultra-marathoner, was he? (via Running Down the Law)

Foam rolling techniques from a massage therapist. Very good. Here's a technique from a non-massage therapist: use two foam rollers as giant swords and fight with your friend. (via +Fitocracy)

Uh oh. Are they planning a Star Wars marathon? AND WILL THE OFFICIAL DISTANCE BE TWELVE PARSECS?! (via +We Run Disney)

Popular fitness app is selling their users' data points. My fitness app could sell my data points to Guinness under the suggested title, "Slowest Man Alive Runs." (via +TUAW)

A woman from Texas is running across Spain. Why not just run across Texas? It's probably bigger. (via Running Long)

A man is setting a running streak of 16,438 days. Not that I'm doubting it at all, but what organization even keeps track of something like that? How is it even verified? (via +Los Angeles Times)

Ultra-marathon training camp set to open in Kenya. "We're hoping for the first time," says an investor, "to associate Kenya with running. Kenyans are seen as a non-running group in general. We're going to change that." (via +Thrive Sports)

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